Everyone has written an article about how to wash your hands and why it's crucial. We don't have anything to
When I introduce myself, people often ask, "How did you end up in this line of work?" My story is
Dental Anatomy Poster
Why Diversity and Inclusivity Matters in Medical Illustration I was in the 2nd grade, and a friend told me my
Ichthyosaur by Assata Caldwell Worrell
We are at the end of March which is Women's History Month, but also the month that has International Women's
I have recently made the move from 3D modeling to 3D animation, and with that, I needed a little bit
When I start on a new project, the first thing I like to ask is, "why are you making this?"
Happy New Year Everyone! So, I spent the holiday with my sister and her family and one of the best
I sent three friends (one of them my sister) a Snapchat of my new kitchen faucet and the responses were
The work and process of working with international groups   On my case studies page, I cover the work I
The term entrepreneur was coined by Jean-Baptiste Say, a French economist and scholar. The word originally came from the French
  At the end of September, my new husband and I adventured to Hot Springs, South Dakota for our honeymoon.
I went to a conference focusing on how to be sensitive to diversity when working in health.  One of the
Hello!  My name is Assata.  I am a scientific illustrator, and I am very excited to continue this adventure of