Show it in action.  Animations make communicating and learning fun for all ages.  From the boardroom to the clinic, animations are a perfect way to share.

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Give it a form. A time-tested and proven form of visual communication, illustrations are perfect for print or digital use.

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3D Modeling

Show it from all angles.  Sometimes 3D models are the best way to show how something works.  3D modeling can be a very effective and immersive communication tool.

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Visual Communication

LEGACY BioStudios, LLC creates aesthetically pleasing illustrations and animations for the purpose of communicating scientific innovation, discovery, and education.

At LEGACY BioStudios, LLC, we believe the science behind the art is key.  That is why you will be working with someone that has a background not only in art and illustrations but also life sciences including biology, chemistry, and anatomy.

It's often difficult to share innovation through language alone.  Visual aids are key to promoting new ideas and research to others regardless of your audience's background.  LEGACY BioStudios, LLC works with you to help you build your legacy.

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