The Approach

At LEGACY BioStudios, LLC, we believe the kindest thing a person can do is leave behind a legacy for future generations. Our goal is to promote innovation, discovery, and education through beautiful and effective visual communication. LEGACY BioStudios, LLC works hard to produce elegant and compelling work to communicate your ideas.

The Story

LEGACY BioStudios, LLC was built on resilience, innovation, and understanding.  Assata Caldwell Worrell, the founder grew up in a university town where she was surrounded by research and innovation dedicated to helping the public by searching for the core of a problem to find a solution.  After graduating from college with a degree in Biological Pre-Medical Illustration, our founder decided to do some digging of her own and launch a small start-up called Illustrations By Assata.  She went back home and decided to use her art to help the progress of innovation with visual communication.  Later, Illustrations By Assata became LEGACY BioStudios, LLC.  While the name has changed, the spirit of innovation in Illustrations By Assata still lives within LEGACY BioStudios, LLC today.

Meet the BioStudio Team


Assata Caldwell Worrell

Founder/ Medical & Scientific Illustrator

Art, science, and medicine have always been a forte in Assata's life.  When Assata was young, her favorite things to do were draw, ask questions, and pull things apart.  There was always the need to dig deeper, understand, and use that insight to solve a problem, so a career as a scientific illustrator was a natural fit.  Assata now uses her interests to help clients better communicate in the most beneficial way possible. If you would like to get to know Assata, connect with her on LinkedIn.



Office Puppy / Head of Creativity and Moral

Mya is LEGACY's office pup. Mya found her way to Assata in 2012 while Assata was in college. She was a constant study buddy back then, and an excellent listener during the creation of the company. Now, she excels at being an audience for creativity and innovations, and she has boosted office morale by strictly implementing daily walks. No ifs ands or wiggly butts.


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